Video Game Resume

In the long, long, long ago - before work, my wife and grad school - my free time was a healthy mix of video games, pizza and loneliness. As a testament to this incredibly social period of my life, I slogged through a dozen video game compilations on YouTube and recorded every video game I've completed. The end result is easily the most awe-inspiring chart one can behold:


Recent Articles

Monte Carlo Methods: Nov 14, 2018 In this outing, Plancky estimates the value of pi via a very common numerical technique.

Four Seasons of Bubba: Oct 03, 2018 For my first-ever photography project, I designed and 3D printed a doggo themed swivel photo frame!

Coffee Quintessence: Sep 08, 2018 The human race is only one small infrastructure project away from the ideal redolent cup of coffee.

How Optical Disks Work: Aug 15, 2018 How does a laser within a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray player read information off of a cheap piece of plastic?

Steel Nameplate: Jul 07, 2018 Anyone can drop a few dollars on a custom nameplate, but my inner smithy wouldn't allow that!


Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a Data Scientist living in Vancouver, BC with my wonderful wife and occasionally wonderful Shih Tzu, Bubba. I'm always on the lookout for amazing new experiences, so feel free to send a message!

Professional Interests: Computational Modeling, Data Analytics, Optics, Electronics

Personal Interests: Video & Board Games, Biking, Environmentalism, Single Origin Esoteric Coffee

General Disinterests: Pursing a second PhD, Paying San Fransisco rent again, Endorsing pizzerias outside of my homestate of New York

Cookie Interests: Chocolate Chip, Crackle, Gingersnap