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Data StarFeld: A LSTM network beautifully smooshes the scripts from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Seinfeld together.

Plancky How a Quartz Clock Ticks: Plancky dives into the horology pool once again and explains the inner workings of a digital clock.

Random Blokus with AI: After reminiscing about playing Lode Runner on the Apple II in my Grandpa's garage, I decided to program a retro looking game!


Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a Data Scientist living in Canada with my wonderful wife and occasionally wonderful Shih Tzu, Bubba. I'm always on the lookout for cool new experiences, so feel free to send a message!

Professional Interests: Data Science, Sustainability

Personal Interests: Gaming, Biking, Piano, Epic Fantasy

Primary Disinterests: Pursuing a Second PhD, Moving Back to San Francisco, Multi-Origin Non-Esoteric Coffee

Cookie Interests: Chocolate Chip, Crackle, Gingersnap