Plancky Archives

A Web Comic Series Explaining Physics, Math, and Devices with a Bit of Vigor

Monte Carlo Methods: Nov 14, 2018 In this outing, Plancky estimates the value of pi via a very common numerical technique.

How Optical Disks Work: Aug 15, 2018 How does a laser within a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray player read information off of a cheap piece of plastic?

Roemer's Speed of Light Measurement: Apr 14, 2018 Despite a lack of modern equipment, Roemer in the 1600s impressively estimated the speed of light with a telescope, a quill, and a little bit of patience.

Public Key Cryptography: Jan 28, 2018 How can Plancky's new girlfriend, Elle the Elementary Charge, publicly send a secure message without any nosybodies interfering?

Solar Cells: Oct 07, 2017 If you're curious why semiconductors make awesome photovoltaics, then let Plancky shine a little light on some fundamental solar energy concepts!

Microcircuit Fabrication: Jul 01, 2017 Circuits within a computer are mindbogglingly small - how is it even possible to design something at this scale?

Data Compression: Apr 18, 2017 With the help of an old-school French physicist, Plancky will explain the art of reducing the number of bits it takes to represent a file.

What Makes a Clock Tick: Feb 19, 2017 If you have ever wondered how mechanical clocks keep time, then you're in luck! Plancky will dive into the horology pool and explain the awesomeness of these amazing time keepers.

How a Laser Works: Jan 22, 2017 Lasers are an irrefutable vital part of modern society, but how do they work? In this comic, Plancky explains the quantum mechanical basis for a laser.

Why the Sky is Blue: Dec 15, 2016 Plancky the Planck constant debuts his educational web comic series and explains why the sky is blue! Hint: It's not because the ocean is 'blue'.