In elementary school, my writing skills were so horrible that my teachers replaced my precious recess period with a remedial writing class. So, like any sensible child with the need to play outside, I decided to write some fanfic to improve my lackluster writing abilities. The end result of this approximately 150 page story, followed my original character 'Goache' in search of the magical dragon cupcake. Here's an old drawing of him:


And thanks to Goache, I was able to tally up enough writing practice to successfully escape my lunch-time purgatory the following school year.

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Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a Data Scientist living in Canada with my wonderful wife and occasionally wonderful Shih Tzu, Bubba. I'm always on the lookout for cool new experiences, so feel free to send a message!

Professional Interests: Programming, Data, Sustainability

Personal Interests: Gaming, Biking, Epic Fantasy

Primary Disinterests: Pursuing a Second PhD, Multi-Origin Non-Esoteric Coffee

Cookie Interests: Chocolate Chip, Crackle, Gingersnap