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A Data Science Inspired Series Capitalising on my Ample Free Weekends

Relationship Analytics Part Deux: How does my wife's love for num nums compare with her husband?

Simple Synesthesia: I attempt to visualize music by mapping musical notes to the visible light spectrum.

Sturgeon's Law: Theodore Sturgeon, the semifamous American SciFi author, stumbled upon arguably the most comprehensive law of nature.

Board Game Bunching: What is the best way to enter the board game hobby without overfunding the Trans-Pacific cardboard trade?

StarFeld: A LSTM network beautifully smooshes the scripts from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Seinfeld together.

Obligatory Twitter Sentiment Post: What kind of slacker has a data science blog for over four years and forgets a sentiment analysis of Twitter data. Let's fix this!

Coffee Quintessence: The human race is only one small infrastructure project away from the perfect cup of coffee.

Video Game Resume: After a lengthy video game hiatus, I reflect on all my past video game excursions before diving into my recent Nintendo Switch purchase.

Yawnball: Where does Baseball, the sport infamous for incorporating stretching as its signature spectator activity, lie on the exciting-and-obviously-not-boring-at-all scale.

Six Degrees of Captain America: Which super hero is the Kevin Bacon of the Marvel Comic Universe? (Spoiler Alert: The Title)

Seattle Heatmap: After living in Seattle for a year, I decided to sequelize my Bay Area frequently-visited heatmap blog post!

Atten Arf: My little Shih Tzu is surprisingly well behaved and obedient despite his breed's notoriously stubborn reputation. Nevertheless, his responsiveness still seems somewhat situational, so let's dig into this article and retrieve an analysis.

Web Visit Breakdown: Are you like me and sometimes wonder where your time is spent online? If so, let me just skip to the punchline and suggest closing this window and venturing outside for a walk.

Hobson's Survival Choice: If you're an animal wanting to get off the endangered species list, then look no further than this menu of insightful tips.

Alien Outbreak: If you dread a potential alien abduction, then grab that tinfoil hat and study this scientifically constructed avoidance map.

Glib Graphology: In this entry, I continue my pursuit of inappropriately using algorithms by comparing my signature with famous celebrity autographs!

Bay Area Heatmap: As a recent Bay Area transplant, I decided to summarize my time in Frisco with a nifty frequently-visited Heatmap.

Reinforcement Sort: Are concise and highly effective sorting algorithms better than a bloated imprecise sort done through reinforcement learning? Of course they are - duh

A Token of Tolkien: If you're searching for a horrible book report generator, then look no further! In this post, I will create one sentence synopses for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Sommelier Training: My unsophisticated palate doesn't understand professional wine connoisseuring. Luckily, with the help of TensorFlow, I'll suggest a path to transform any wine newb into a 3-Star Michelin Oenologist.

Late Night Coding: If I'm coding after-hours, I'm usually working on a relaxing personal project or angrily fighting some bug. Are these late night emotional extremes typical? Let's poll the public Github API and find out!

Mate Locate: A lost spouse in a crowded mall without a phone is a stressful situation. It may be tempting to search the entire mall, but is it better to stay put?

Daily Money Swim: If you're disgustingly rich, interested in liquid commodities and looking to burn a few extra calories, then save that pivot-table and vlookup the value-scale of the following proposition.

The Cheese Doodle Dilemma: Some have claimed cheese doodles, the ambrosia of the modern world, are directly linked with nightmares. In this post, I will finally shed light on the age-old question: Do cheese doodle molecules negatively interfere with neurotransmitters while sleeping?

Superior Slices: Curious if the pizza you just ordered will be good? If so, sit back and grab a regular kah-fee while this New Yorker gives you the definitive guide to awesome pizza.

Fishy Feng Shui: What does my fish do all day while I'm at work? Does he nap on the sand, exercise against the filter's current, or just swim around randomly? The pressing answers to these questions and many more are answered within!

Date Analysis: Don't be foolish and go to the movies on your next date night! This post breaks down every amazing (and not so amazing) excursion with my wife over the last few years.

A Low Carb Candyland: Candyland, a board game cherished by children for generations, is incredibly socially irresponsible. My proposed update to this classic game is super simple and could fix the ongoing childhood obesity epidemic.

The Broccalypse: California is currently in a drought and we use 10% of our water supply on almonds. I love a good almond biscotti as much as the next dude, but that seems kinda wasteful. Couldn't we grow better water conserving crops?

Lunar Effect: As a child, my mother always warned me about the number of active mischievians during the full moon. Is there a correlation between devious behavior and the phases of the moon or did my mother just enjoy scaring me? Let's find out!

Goal Goalie Girth: Looking to be a star athlete even though you lack any physical talent? Stop going to the boring gym and make your way to the nearest fast food joint to become the ideal goaltender.

Family Planning for Frugality: Are you beyond extraordinarily cheap? Do you make Scrooge look like Daddy Warbucks? If so, let's increase your future offspring ROI via some state of the art industry analytics.

Relationship Analytics: The key to a successful relationship is proving your partner wrong and shoving those results in their face. This article explores my data driven approach to showing that I love my wife way more than she love's me.