Plancky Archives

A Web Comic Series Explaining Physics, Math, and Devices with a Bit of Vigor

Rainbows: Plancky delves into the magic of rainbows.

Bootstrapping: Forget all that Bayesian mumbo jumbo, Plancky explains his favorite statistical technique.

Black Holes: Plancky explores what happens when nature divides by zero

Slide Rules: Plancky explains how NASA scientists used two pieces of wood to successfully plan out the moon landing.

Quantum Computing: Plancky solves a mathematical problem exponentially faster with the help of quantum mechanics.

Why Does the Sun Shine: How does a bunch of hydrogen atoms minding their own business turn into a humongous light spewing fireball?

Curve Fitting: Plancky flexes his mathematical muscles and transforms a set of data points into a simple analytical model

Electromagnetic Waves: With assistance from James Clerk Maxwell, Plancky explores the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation!

Hubble's Law: Let's explore arguably the most important astronomy discovery of all time.

How a Quartz Clock Ticks: Plancky dives into the horology pool once again and explains the inner workings of a digital clock.

Monte Carlo Methods: In this outing, Plancky estimates the value of pi via a very common numerical technique.

How Optical Disks Work: How does a laser within a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray player read information off of a cheap piece of plastic?

Roemer's Speed of Light Measurement: Despite a lack of modern equipment, Roemer in the 1600s impressively estimated the speed of light with a telescope, a quill, and a little bit of patience.

Public Key Cryptography: How can Plancky's new girlfriend, Elle the Elementary Charge, publicly send a secure message without any nosybodies interfering?

Solar Cells: If you're curious why semiconductors make awesome photovoltaics, then let Plancky shine a little light on some fundamental solar energy concepts!

Microcircuit Fabrication: Circuits within a computer are mindbogglingly small - how is it even possible to design something at this scale?

Data Compression: With the help of an old-school French physicist, Plancky will explain the art of reducing the number of bits it takes to represent a file.

What Makes a Clock Tick: If you have ever wondered how mechanical clocks keep time, then you're in luck! Plancky will dive into the horology pool and explain the awesomeness of these amazing time keepers.

How a Laser Works: Lasers are an irrefutable vital part of modern society, but how do they work? In this comic, Plancky explains the quantum mechanical basis for a laser.

Why the Sky is Blue: Plancky the Planck constant debuts his educational web comic series and explains why the sky is blue! Hint: It's not because the ocean is 'blue'.