The Broccalypse

In an ideal world, everyone would live on cactus. It's high in antioxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber while needing very little water to grow. However, the demand for cactus is super low and its price suffers. So, how could farmers sustain a drought-stricken population such as California and still optimize revenue? (farmers still need to make-it-rain, regardless of actual rainfall) The table below summarizes the water usage, caloric intake and market price for the most popular crops in Calfornia:


Let's now determine the best crop(s) that will minimize water usage, generate 10 billion dollars in revenue and will provide all 40 million Californians with a 2000 Calorie diet. Oh wait, this sounds like our good ol' friend Mr. Linear Programming problem. The solution is quite disturbing:

80% Broccoli 20% Tomatoes

So, as responsible citizens, we must:
1) Stop making fun of the weirdos who eat tomatoes like apples
2) Prepare the children for the upcoming Broccalypse