The Cheese Doodle Dilemma

As a child, my mother believed the consumption of cheese doodles after dinner enticed the boogeyman. This may sound like a ridiculous allegation, but luckily the line between sensible and silly is extremely blurry at my old age. So, with this mindset, I decided to run a three-week experiment, where I would eat a handful of cheese doodles before falling asleep each night. Here's the result:


Before jumping to any conclusions, let's run a simple one-sample test-of-proportions hypothesis test.

Null Hypothesis: Cheese doodles are a wonderful culinary treat
Alternative Hypothesis: Lucifer is here on earth in cheese doodle form

After some number crunching, I calculated a t-statistic of 10.1, which is quite a bit bigger than it's critical value of 2.8 (α=0.01). So, I'm forced to reject the null hypothesis and recommend that everyone avoid these cheesy little puffs!