Daily Money Swim

Why are people so incredibly greedy? At what point does a CEO choose a multi-million dollar bonus over employee healthcare? What the hell do you even do with a net worth of over 10 million dollars anyways? You can easily afford a few houses, frequent extravagant vacations, rooms upon rooms of new toys and a near endless supply of fancy food with 10 million dollars. Well, there is only one logical answer: Scrooge McDuck's Money Tower. There is no better way to make your fellow billionaire friends jealous than an Olympic sized pool filled with gold coins.

Now, let's find the height of gold, silver, and copper coins for a five square meter money-tower! Assuming a simple closed packed lattice and a net value of one billion per tower (estimated from Gold Buffalo, Silver Eagle, and Copper Round coins), I calculated:


As you can clearly see, money towers ain't cheap. You will never impress anyone with a kiddie pool of gold coins or a skyscrapper of lameass copper - 20 billion dollars is the bare minimum for an adequate golden swim.