Fishy Feng Shui

As any sensible couple planning for a child, my wife and I are actively working up the evolutionary parenthood ladder. The first "taking care of something" stage involved a flower, which was an overwhelming success despite an accidental drop from our third story balcony. The obvious followup stage - a fish - has gone swimmingly so far!

As a caring parent, I want to improve the living conditions of my fish, but his hopes, dreams, and interests currently elude me. So, taking a data-driven approach, I pointed my Macbook's webcam at the tank with the intention of NSAing out this information. After taking photos at 30 second intervals for approximately five hours, I wrote a simple image analysis algorithm that records the fish's location. (This mainly involved a bunch of fancy filtering and a computationally intensive "Laplacian of Gaussian" blob detection.) The heatmap below shows the most frequented areas during this time frame:


Wow, my fish really enjoys hanging out near driftwood and dislikes the edges of the tank. I should definitely consider buying a bigger tank with plenty of driftwood while I prepare for stage three: a bunny rabbit!